Events photography genre

In events photography, my job is to capture unique moments in time, glimpsed now but gone forever. Those precious moments become alive again by faithful narration through the lens of my camera.

That close-up of that surprise goal, that timely save, those emotional moments as father leads daughter up the aisle, those people’s reactions after a violent outbreak in the streets makes those moments more dramatic, more meaningful and forever etched in your mind. As a professional I always try to cover wide shots and big moments as well as focus on details.


Events photography thoughtful approach

Events photography requires the genuine skill of narration, attention to detail along with a strong sense of the now.  It’s the ability to capture both the mood of the crowd and the individual within the crowd who speaks for all.

It‘s the ability to convey speed, sound, the hustle and bustle of life, the freshness of spring, the solemnity of an award ceremony. As a professional, I always to try to document a day from a wide frame to detailed shots that are worth remembering. While capturing people in different environments doing what they usually do, I experiment with fresh approaches and surprising angles in order to produce striking and evocative images.

Shooting special events also requires a thoughtful approach and painstaking preparation not only for equipment but also anticipated scenes.

That’s why it’s important  to work closely with the event coordinator in advance to have key information about event highlights, event sequencing, people to watch out for and focal points.

It is essential to visit the site well before the date in order to try out different angles, lighting and props, placement of different ones in my team, and a running plan for the photo shoot. I will work closely before, after and throughout your event to ensure that you get everything you want and more.

Events photography experience

My experience in event photography ranges from fashion, social and community events, awards nights, fund-raising events, concerts and performing arts functions, corporate events, professional environments, family events and more.

My aim is to use artful images to represent the event atmosphere such as:


  • Sales meetings
  • Shareholder meetings
  • Conferences, trade shows, conventions
  • Public relations/media events/product launches
  • Corporate outings
  • Marketing events
  • Editorial/documentary style photography of projects and initiatives


  • Concerts and performing arts functions
  • Music Events/ Milestones
  • Award ceremonies
  • Art exhibitions, Auctions at Sotheby’s
  • Celebrity events
  • Digital Slide Shows for Events
  • Event Site Green Screen Photography
  • On Site/Event Site Digital Printing


  • Engagements and wedding receptions
  • Christenings
  • Mitzvahs and other children’s parties
  • Anniversaries and birthday parties
  • Funerals
  • Portraits at the event site
  • School events, college graduations


  • Fundraisers and special events
  • Charity balls
  • Public relations events
Klaipeda limo party events photography

limo party events photography

Vancouver is an expressive and stunning place and your event photography should be the same. What better setting for your event and who better to narrate your event than me  – be it a product launch or a wedding reception – for events photography in Vancouver!