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Updated: Nov 29, 2019

First of all, for those who are not familiar with Poke (pronounced poh-keh), is a Hawaiian dish, which consists of raw marinated fish, Ahi or Yellowfin tuna (mostly, I believe so. I did my research. I really did), it comes diced and served with various veggies and tossed over sticky rice. Served with umami-packed sauces.

So now that we’re aware of what Poke is, I can tell you how I discovered my favorite Poke place on Commercial Drive, East Vancouver.

Few weeks ago I was in a rush all day helping my friend to move and we had a spare hour to have a quick bite. I decided I was in a mood for a good poke bowl. So we stopped by the place called Poke 5. And I had the best experience there. Food was great, the portions are just perfect for a hungry person (which I really was) and the service is 5/5!

I decided to go back there and have a real tasting experience…

Finally, I am so excited to share my experience with you!

The first time that I went I was very hungry, yet I still decided to make my own bowl, and it was great even though I am quite terrible at throwing in different ingredients to make a good tasting meal at home. So this time, we had two Poke Bowls from the set menu that Poke 5 offers to their customers.

Akuma tuna - Aburi ahi tuna, kimchi, avocado, wasbi tobiko, masago, shoyu egg, green onions, house made teri-mayo and matchasabi aioli. Perfect combination of ingrieThey dress it up and make it fancy and texture-y, and the fish is very fresh.

Buddha Bowl - Organic tofu, roasted yams, agave, garlic potatoes, pickled ginger, edamame, watermelon, beets, radish, shredded carrots and our house made glory sesame tahini sauce. My favorite bowl so far! I can’t wait to try more, but I would definitely recommend this to anyone!

Everything was so fresh, all of the ingredients including the rice are high quality and even the toppings are so flavorful. I loved it how staff took their time to assembled the bowl - making it super instagramable.

Poke 5 has definitely elevated my poke experience. I will continue going there for sure!


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