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Do you ever think of things to decorate your home and you can't help but to look for something handmade and unique, something people visiting your place would ask about and be fascinated about? There are plenty of ways that you can make your place more comfortable and what matters ultimately are the details.

Photography: Dovile Lingyte

I try to keep my place as warm as possible meaning I love knowing my home is decorated with locally handmade items, you know, stuff made with love :)

Vancouver's Gastown has this hidden gem, a store called Artina's where I find all kinds of beautiful decorations, jewelry, etc. If you're ever in the area you should check it out.

I found a coffee coaster from Reclaimed Print and I gifted it to my boyfriend, it has a beautiful geometric tiger. It's printed on plain birch (it can be printed on Mahogany or Grey Stain as well).

Everyone who sees this Reclaimed Print's coaster asks where we got it from. Whether you’re drinking a beverage yourself or have a few guests over, coasters are just one of the tiny details that can tie your decor together. Reclaimed Print has a huge selection of coasters to choose from.

You can even have your own pictures printed on them.

Reclaimed print co offers quality artworks & home decor products using locally sourced & sustainable wood & stone, 100% Canadian designed and made.

Every wood canvas used varies in style based on the style of wood grain, color and natural markings.

If you're looking for a nice details to decorate your home, check out their wooden canvas. They are surprisingly easy to hang. A routed groove runs the entire width of the print and simply secures with the use of a wall hook or nail.

I have one hanging in my home office. It really is an extraordinary piece of art.

Mother’s day is around the corner, and if you are still looking for the perfect gift for your mom, Reclaimed Print has a nice selection of items just for the occasion.

For example these gorgeous postcards, I really love how they feel in your hands, and the designs are super cute.

Enter a Mother's Day Giveaway to win a 7x7 Bear Print + 4 postcards here:


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