tell your story

My goal is to help local/small businesses make their voices heard online using community- based, localized engagement strategies.

Build a following that matters

Are you looking to grow a larger and more relevant following on social media? I'm here to help! I will use the best practices I've learned over the years and apply the tools and tactics to help you win strong following on social media today!

dynamic content

I will develop a content plan that tells your story online. The best part about social media marketing is that it’s dynamic- it changes daily to highlight specials and events, and gives you the ability to jump in on what’s trending.

sit back & relax

Running a business is a full-time commitment; let me take social media management or content creation off your hands. Leave that part to me and feel confident about your brands visual aesthetic, relax and enjoy images that reflect your brand and shows your audience your true self.

Content creation


  • 3 posts per week Instagram + Facebook (total of 12 posts per month)

  • 3 posts per week (package includes captions + hashtag research)

  • 3-4 stories per week

  • Content plan




  • 5 posts per week Instagram + Facebook (total of 20 posts per month)

  • 5 posts per week ( package includes captions, hashtag research + Instagram stories with every post )

  • Content plan




  • 7 posts per week ( package includes captions, hashtags + Instagram story with every post )

  • 30-31 original content images 

  • Content plan




Contact me

Elena Aleksa

+1 236 999 3650

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